Mission Statement

Arizona Veterans Helping Veterans (AZVHV) is a non-profit organization that understands the hardships veterans face.

coping vetWe know what it’s like to come home after having served in combat; what it’s like to cope after our service has ended. We know because we have been there ourselves. AZVHV is committed to reintegrating veterans back into society once their service is ended, and to help mitigate veteran suicide. Many service members deal with unique stresses that most people will, thankfully, never have to endure. Because of that, many veterans feel alone, even in the middle of a crowd. Reentering society can feel overwhelming, often exacerbating the feelings of isolation. AZVHV is dedicated to helping veterans through those difficult moments. As seen in the media, even the Department of Veterans Affairs is unable to meet the demand of our injured and traumatized service members; while other, well-established non-profit organizations that started with the best of intentions have fallen by the wayside. It is important, now more than ever, to provide effective services for our veterans, bridging all gaps to include all veterans, from every war and peacetime. AZVHV will provide such services (e.g., charitable undertakings, job placement, PTSD education and assistance, metalworking shop, library, sound recording studio, various hobby rooms, workout equipment).

CoffeeOur ultimate goal is to establish a Veterans Wellness Center, which will operate on the front lines of effective reintegration and veteran suicide prevention. Our programs will be centralized at the Wellness Centers. We believe that effective reintegration and suicide prevention can only happen with veterans and civilians working in solidarity. In order to help provide such solidarity, AZVHV will also establish community coffee shops. These coffee shops will act as satellites for AZVHV to launch community service initiatives and outreach programs—helping veterans to strengthen their lives and their communities. The coffee shops will also help to ensure that the Veterans Wellness Centers are sufficiently funded and maintained, and remain free of charge for veterans.

retired vetVeteran welfare is a growing public concern. Many would love to help, but donating to massive corporation-like non-profits and charities can seem cold, impersonal, and untrustowrthy, effectively halting many well-intended donations. AZVHV addresses this concern, allowing for a more personable approach through non-profit community coffee shops and Veterans Wellness Centers. Patrons at the AZVHV community coffee shops can take the unique pride and comfort in knowing that the proceeds from each tasty cup not only support veterans, but their communities.

Here at AZVHV we are determined to provide the public with savory coffee, and, more importantly, we are committed to getting America's veterans the assistance they have long since earned.